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HSE Solution We provide our clients with predictable, measurable and updated systems


We provide you with the tools you need to optimize your workflows, achieve compliance, and become a safer organization. With our easy-to-use Web Based / Mobile HSE Management Solution that supports your day-to-day tasks.


System Modules

Dashboard & Analysis

A comprehensive solution that helps you efficiently capture, analyze, and report the HSE and sustainability data that’s important to your organization.

  • Lagging & Leading Indicators
  • Observation Analysis
  • Action Tracking and Monitoring
  • First Aid Analysis and Charts
  • PTW Monitoring Tool
  • Risk Assessment Analysis

HSE Metrics That Drive Sustainability

Sustainability is the new school of thought in business. Investors are actively seeking companies who can demonstrate their commitment to the environment, and who make operational efficiency a priority. As a result, corporate executives are increasingly reliant on HSE and sustainability metrics as indicators of overall performance and risk.

To provide executives and investors with the information they need to stay ahead in a fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, HSE managers must be able to quickly generate customized reports that show the most relevant indicators in real-time.


Performance Metrics Made Easy

Successful organizations depend on the most current and accurate data to drive sustainable business strategies. If you’re in charge of generating and reporting HSE metrics including incident rates, employees engagements, vendors performance, energy consumption, waste generation, emissions or any number of key HSE indicators, you know how hard it can be to manage all the data. Try to manage it across multiple facilities and locations, and the task can become overwhelming.

BEN HSE Analysis simplifies HSE data collection and analysis, and helps you track the lagging and leading indicators that are important to your business. Our solution gives you the power and flexibility to measure and compare the HSE metrics by which your organization gauges its success.

Why struggle with paper and spreadsheet-based systems, or outdated software that makes data collection and analysis harder than it should be. The BEN HSE solution is quick and easy to implement, and you’ll appreciate the speed at which information flows from all corners of your enterprise into one centralized system.

Corrective Actions Made Easy

HSE managers face an exhausting list of compliance tasks that require quick and decisive action. Assigning, tracking, and documenting corrective actions is a difficult and time consuming job, especially if your organization is committed to industry standards like ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and OHSAS 18001, all of which have substantial corrective and preventive action requirements.

BEN HSE Action Tracking System makes it easy to mobilize your workforce to help prevent incidents and perform compliance tasks with greater speed and efficiency. Our solution ensures your people are on task, that corrective actions are completed on time, and improves transparency of HSE compliance throughout your organization.

The need for corrective actions can arise from almost any HSE activity. That’s why BEN HSE Action Tracking is not only available as a standalone HSE product, but is also integrated into our Incident Management, Audit & Inspection, Compliance Management, Safety Meetings and Risk Analysis products.

Incident Reports

A comprehensive solution to help you prevent incidents and control risk through greater visibility of your incident data.

  • Incidents
  • Observation / Near Misses / Stop Cards
  • Hazard Identification
  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • Corrective Actions
  • Reporting & Trend Analysis
  • Sending Audio / Photos with reports via mobile
  • Sending Current Location on maps

You Can’t Be Everywhere at Once

You’re expected to know everything that happens in your organization. You are accountable for recording and tracking incidents, ensuring corrective actions are taken, and that each facility is in compliance with applicable regulations (e.g., OSHA, WCB, RIDDOR, WHS). It’s a formidable task.

Incident Management Made Easy

As an HSE professional, you can’t afford to simply react to workplace injuries and illnesses — you need to anticipate and prevent them before they occur. That means having an incident management solution that is quick and easy to implement, simple to use, and gives you the right information you need to make informed decisions.

The BEN HSE Incident Management product delivers a cost-effective way to report, manage, analyze and ultimately prevent workplace incidents. You can track everything from near misses, hits and hazards to motor vehicle accidents and chemical spills. Save time by centralizing all of your incident case records and supporting investigation information into one, easy-to-use system.

The key is simplicity. Our intuitive design, in-product coaching, and mobile capabilities make it easy for your employees to capture incident data anytime and anywhere. You get better data and the ability to implement corrective actions, conduct trend analysis, and complete regulatory and internal reporting requirements.

Our incident reports is submitted either from Mobile App or Web Application, raised on-time to the authorized personnel to view its details and do the following:

  • View the report details
  • Edit the Life Saving Rules violations -if any-
  • View the photos attached
  • Chat with observer regarding the report details
  • Add corrective actions to personnel with due dates and responsible departments

Action Tracking

A comprehensive solution that simplifies the assignment, tracking, follow-up and completion of corrective actions to ensure compliance and promote accountability.


  • Assign Corrective & Preventive Actions (CAPA)
  • Track Status & Completion
  • Issue Escalation Notifications
  • System-wide Integration


Don’t Miss one Action

When incidents occur or when audits and inspections reveal non-compliance, it’s important to remember that they’re not just problems to be fixed, but opportunities to eliminate HSE risks. The challenge is following through with your corrective action items to ensure that issues are effectively resolved.

Making the same mistake twice is what agencies like OSHA, HSE and Health call ‘repeated violations’ and ‘failure to abate’. Don’t let an inability to act result in fines and penalties that could have been avoided.

BEN HSE helps eliminate risks by quickly implementing corrective actions to ensure compliance with your organization’s EHS & sustainability requirements. 

Our solution enables you to centralize the assignment, tracking and verification of corrective actions to help you capitalize on opportunities for greater HSE performance.

Accident Investigation

A comprehensive solution that simplifies the Accident Reporting and Investigation process though following the Systematic Cause Analysis Technique (SCAT)

  • First Notification Report
  • Investigation Report with SCAT Analysis
  • Body part injuries
  • Notifications according to notification authorities levels according to the Severity Levels
  • Investigation Team generating

Chemical Management

A comprehensive solution for tracking, labeling, managing, and reporting on your hazardous chemicals, and providing right-to-know access to formatted SDSs on any device. 


  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management 
  • Right-to-Know Compliance 
  • Chemical Inventory Management


Emergency Planning: Sharing is Preparing 

Preparing for chemical emergencies is essential to protecting your community and ensuring employees make it home safe. Depending on the chemicals you have on-site, you may also be required by law to provide accurate chemical safety and inventory data to applicable emergency response agencies. 

BEN HSE gives you a complete picture of your chemical footprint – what chemicals you have on-site, storage locations and quantities of each — and makes sure that every chemical has an up-to-date SDS. We even allow you to upload documents. 

Chemical Management Made Easy 

Your employees require access to chemical hazard information, and an easy way to create labels and track chemical containers. At the same time, you need a chemical management system that simplifies compliance and lets you quickly see the chemical footprint of your enterprise in real-time. BEN HSE Chemical Management has you covered. 

BEN HSE MSDS solution developed to play as platform for companies to access data sheet library, with documents and updated SDSs added. In addition, our SDS/Chemical Management mobile app gives you access to product and inventory information including safety data sheets for the chemicals in your workplace — no matter where you are. 

Our solution simplifies complex chemical inventory management tasks, giving you the control you need to account for chemical hazards throughout your organization. 

Life Saving Rules (LSR)

A comprehensive system depending on IOGP Life Saving Rules standardenabling the System Admins creating company’s Life Saving Rules which are available for every user while submitting new incident form (Near Miss / Stop Card / Accident …etc), and let the HSE Staff select which violation items in each report in order to generate the linked Statistics.

Audit and Inspection

You can audit, check and inspect with confidence, ensuring compliance with your Health and Safety Management System, central to improving performance.

  • System includes Audit Plans, each plan has members and scope of work to accomplish in period of time.
  • Each plan includes multiple inspection programs according to predefined inspection items.
  • Reminders of each Audit Programs to complete in the required time.
  • Scoring system for each program, with attaching a photos as an evidence of any findings through mobile app.

Toolbox Talk (TBT)

A comprehensive solution for Toolbox Talk database for every type of work, in order to notify the PTW performers with the risks associated to every type of work before starting the job.


Our solution lets you track and complete inspections for any type of asset. You determine how often inspections are due, who they are assigned to, and what form they fill out


  • Custom type of Equipment
  • Custom inspection cycle according to the type of Equipment (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly) with reminder
  • Attachment of Equipment
  • Link with QR Code and labels



Equipment and Inspection Monitoring Made Easy

Store and keep track of assets and be prompted for any upcoming inspections that need to be completed, this is depending on the Equipment Type defined in the settings.

Permit to Work (PTW)

Digital transformation of the Permit to Work cycle, converting the manual cycle to automated business processes, according to company’s SOP and regulations.

  • Digitization of PTW with standard procedures to issue documented permission to personnel to perform tasks that are considered hazardous or non-routine, to avoid the tiresome paper-work processes which are normally associated with the manual PTW system, with a highly collaborative and control.
  • PTW system included whether a paper-based or digitized.
  • Sufficient authorizations from assigned personnel throughout the management.
  • Include the pre-defined standard precautionary actions to take facing any scope of work.
  • Keeping record of permits to avoid overlapping.
  • More accountability, through work permits system, employees and contractors are authorized to complete a given task. Therefore, any incident or near miss after receiving a written permit puts the responsibility solely on the company.

Risk Assessment

A comprehensive solution that provides unparalleled visibility and control of risks, while driving enhanced collaboration and engagement in your organization’s risk management activities.


  • For all types of risk (i.e. Technical, Operational, Enterprise) 
  • Hazard Studies , Risk Registers 
  • Control Measures monitoring linked to Action Tracking System


Risk Analysis Made Easy 

If your workplace HSE performance has reached a plateau, and you’re looking for a way to move beyond compliance and gain control over all categories of risk faced by your organization, BEN HSE Risk Analysis is the vehicle for you. It provides the tools you need to pinpoint and control risks in your workplace, strengthen worker engagement in your risk management activities, and drive continuous improvement in organizational HSE performance. 

BEN HSE Risk Analysis includes an intuitive and flexible platform for performing hazard studies of all types, allowing you to quickly assess workplace risks and perform qualitative risk analysis in a simple, consistent and centralized way. You also get our powerful Analysis tools that let you visually map the linkages between risk causes, events and impacts, then assign targeted controls to manage risk at every step of the way. 


A comprehensive solution to send any acknowledgments to any group of employees through mobile notifications, email and alerts on system and mobile app.


  • Send to any group / employee / location
  • Sending to (Mobile / Web / eMail)
  • Read / confirmation statistics
  • Attaching document / photo

Informing Employees Made Easy

Successful organizations depend on how fast spreading information among employees on-time, especially after the COVID-19 situation it has been vital to inform a group of employees with specific information. 

BEN HSE will automatically track which employees have and haven’t signed-off on an acknowledgment.

Easily generate your alert to notify your HSE or any group with a scheduled fire drill, HSE Meeting, Site Inspection, with a click to engage them into process and monitor their activities regarding the read and confirmation of receipt.


A comprehensive solution to help you creating your paperless workplace, uploading any documents to a centralized portal to be viewed via mobile / web application

Mobile App

Strong user-friendly Mobile App to enable users to submit incident report or other quick tasks from anywhere anytime

Mobile App, an extension of BEN HSE, lets users easily create observations, risk and incident reports any time and from anywhere, using their iPhones or Android smartphones.

  • Easy to use for reporting of observations at all levels 
  • Makes reporting faster and more frequent
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Is configurable for different customer needs
  • Utilizes built-in capabilities to simplify input 
  • Allows for easy uploading of photos
  • Has voice recording function

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